We are happy to introduce Dear My Korea’s partners. You can find your next dance lesson, k-beauty product, korean meal, snack and drink or next cultural activity here!

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Far East Community


Far East Community is an association devoted to K-pop in (mostly) French-speaking Switzerland and crafts dynamic events from electrifying K-pop nights to cultural showcases.

Far East Community is a hub for enthusiasts seeking immersion in the beats and traditions of Asia. Each event is a fusion of music, dance, and cultural exploration, uniting diverse communities under one roof.

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Fresh Mask


Fresh Mask K-Beauty’s mission is to bring affordable, innovative and fun Korean beauty products to Swiss and European clients.

The Korean beauty industry is setting beauty trends globally for its advanced R&D and ever-evolving innovation. Fresh Mask K-Beauty selects skincare, makeup, well-being brands that originate from South Korea and promises 100% authenticity.

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Galdae Restaurant


Galdae is more than a Korean restaurant in a beautiful place right on the Neuchâtel lakeside where you can enjoy incredible homemade korean food…

Galdae Restaurant and its owners are very active in the Swiss Korean community and support Talents in Arts, Culture, Sports & Gastronomy with the philosophy of sharing intercultural & memorable experiences related with both countries 🇰🇷🇨🇭

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Hodoo Korean Food


Experience the exquisite flavors of authentic Korean gourmet cuisine, every Monday at noon at Le Gruyérien in Plainpalais, Geneva.

JK shop


Experience Korea at home with JK shop’s cool and tasty korean snacks!

JK Shop, an online shop only, also sales unique Asian snacks from Korea, China and Japan such as candies, biscuits, noodles, chips and even drinks.

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K Tea Shop


Ktea Shop, founded by Shane & Nicole Kim, is a Korean tea concept store where tradition meets modernity in every cup.

Inspired by deep love for Korean culture and the desire to share its beauty with the world, they’ve created a space where tradition and innovation harmoniously coexist. Through carefully curated selection of teas and the serene ambiance of a Hanok-inspired workshop space and events, you’ll live not only provide a unique tea experience but also celebrate and preserve the rich heritage of Korea.


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Haidong Gumdo Sword Art


Haidong Gumdo is a captivating Sword Art that combines speed, power and precision. The techniques used are designed to improve mental, physical and spiritual well-being. Gumbub (codified sword form), kyukgum (choreographed sword fight), candle extinguishing and paper cutting are some of the disciplines.

Discover and experience the Korean Sword Art Haidong Gumdo in one of the 12 schools all over Switzerland.





Korean Party Factory is a German event company dedicated to bringing the vibrant world of K-Pop to life since 2017!

Specialized in organizing dynamic K-Pop parties, they offer an electrifying mix of the latest K-Pop hits, ensuring an unforgettable experience for fans.

Korean Party Factory also hosts K-Pop dance competitions and is starting to invite Korean Artists to Europe. Don’t miss any further event!



Looking for a nature getaway in Seoul?

RandoSeoul is your perfect match for hiking and discovering hidden Korean history and legends. Rando Seoul’s day hikes include a Korean meal and, most importantly, a unique experience captured by RandoSeoul’s photographer!

Founded by a French-Korean couple, RandoSeoul offers expertise and passion. Haemin, a professional guide, composer, and podcast producer, and Romain, a French professional nature photographer who has lived in Seoul since 2008, share their love for Korea’s natural wonders.

Fleurs d'Asie


Looking for tasty asian treats or specific spices for your favorite receipes?

Fleurs d’Asie is a vietnamese food & catering company based in Renens and offers various korean food and famous brands such as Bibigo products!

Check it out during your next food shopping spree, you won’t be disapointed!

Tour de Corée agence de voyage

Tour de Corée


Tour de Corée is a travel agency specialized in tailor-made trips for French-speaking travelers in South Korea. This agency also organizes group tours for 10 to 30 people and offers immersive and traditional activities, as well as contemporary ones like K-pop and K-dramas centered tours. As korean locals, they provide unique journeys thanks to over 10 years of field experience.

The team is attentive, responsive and always delighted to welcome travelers and share some of Korea’s best spots with them!


Lee's Dance Floor

Lee's Dance Floor


HaYoung Lee, the owner and founder of Lee’s Dance Floor and an experience dance teacher and choreographer, worked on projects at the Lucerne Theatre and Luzerner Pro Juventute children’s culture festival and in 2011, was one of six international choreographers for the Intensive Workshop (SiWiC) in Zurich. She studied ballet, modern dance and Korean dance at the Sookmyung Women’s University in Seoul and at the Folkwang Hochschule in Essen, Germany.

If you’re thinking about getting dance lessons, Lee’s Dance Floor offers children’s dance lessons, ballet, modern dance, TanzFit, Contemporary and Korean Dance.

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Bibim, a restaurant located in the center of Geneva, serves authentic Korean food to offer a real taste of Korean cuisine. Main
dishes are Bibimbap, Japchae, Kimchi and Yakgwa. Various other Korean dishes are available on the weekl menu.

Bibim values a balanced and healthy dietary life for all. Thus, Bibim uses fresh, tasty and healthy produces in its receipes and always takes special care in the food quality.

This is the place to go in Geneva for a yummy, healthy and balanced korean culinary experience!

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