In a world where cultural exchange is more important than ever, a unique initiative has emerged to bridge the rich tapestries of Swiss and Korean heritage. Welcome to DearMyKorea, your Swiss Korean Culture integrator – a vibrant platform where the two cultures converge, exchange, and blend seamlessly.

At the heart of DearMyKorea lies a commitment to fostering harmony between Switzerland and Korea through music, languages, arts, and traditions. The association’s emblematic logo, adorned with the vibrant hues of red and blue, symbolizes the deep-rooted connection between the two nations. Featuring the iconic edelweiss and the majestic mugunghwa (무궁화), or Korean rose, the logo embodies the spirit of unity and collaboration.

DearMyKorea stands as a beacon for cultural enthusiasts, offering a plethora of opportunities to delve into the diverse realms of Swiss and Korean heritage. Whether you’re drawn to the melodious strains of music, the captivating allure of dramas and cinema, or the intricate beauty of art and handcrafts, this is your cultural haven. Regardless of whether you converse in French, Italian, German, English, or Korean, DearMyKorea welcomes you with open arms.

The association is more than just a platform – it’s a catalyst for meaningful connections and collaborations. By providing access to cultural information, organizing engaging events and gatherings, and nurturing collaborative projects, DearMyKorea strives to enrich the lives of individuals and communities alike.

With a steadfast dedication to promoting exchange and understanding, DearMyKorea embodies the essence of cultural integration. It’s a space where traditions are celebrated, history is honored, and new friendships are forged across borders.

As we embark on this journey of cultural exploration and enrichment, let DearMyKorea be your guide. Join us as we celebrate the richness of Swiss and Korean cultures, and embark on a shared voyage of discovery and appreciation!