Meet Bastian Meiresonne, The Asian cinema absolute fan!

Bastian Meiresonne is a journalist, an artistic director, a programmer, a consultant, a director and an author but moreover probably the biggest fan of Asian cinema which he is passionate about and knows so well. He is speaker, and master speaker at a dozen festivals throughout France and Switzerland.

He is also a freelance cinema editor in cinema magazines (Coyote Mag…), author of a book on the filmmaker Imamura Shohei and co-author of a dozen collective works dedicated to Asian cinema and director of a documentary Garuda Power, the spirit of Indonesian action cinema selected at around 50 film festivals around the world.


We had the huge opportunity and chance to meet him at Black Movie festival in Geneva. We were lucky to spend some time with him and discuss about his last book: the first monography ever about Korean Cinema.

This incredible book is in French but will be released in English this autumn. Stay tuned, and learn more about Korean Cinema by watching the full interview: he is giving us his tips on how to best approach Korean Cinema.